Buy HCG: Online Pharmacy for Prescription HCG Injections (2018)

This page includes 2 legitimate pharmacies that sell genuine hCG injections, located in the USA. Unlike counterfeit and dangerous Hcg from India, Mexico, or overseas, this is authentic, high-quality prescription grade hCG, made and shipped directly from licensed US pharmacies in Florida and California.

These sources are also considered the best and most affordable options for pharmaceutical-grade hCG hormone. Please take your time and research each source to make an informed choice.

Note that the information provided on this page, should not be considered a substitute for advice from a doctor. Please consult one of the physicians from the companies below for complete details on using hCG injections.

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Buy HCG: Online Pharmacy Recommendations and Tips


Option #1 Nu Image Medical

Buy Hcg - Online Pharmacy Choice #1 is Nu ImageNu Image has a 15 year track record, and is recognized as the most popular option for prescription Hcg injections, on the market. They offer a complete telemedicine weight loss program, that is 100% doctor supervised for your hCG diet safety and success.

What’s included:  1-on-1 telemedicine doctor consult via video or phone (your choice), valid prescription, and pure hCG injections, drops or pellets. They also include all the correct mixing supplies and guidebook as well as video instructions. Access to expert coaching and the prescribing doctor, is also included.

With Nu Image Medical  coupon code, HDIVIP,  the company will also automatically ship vitamin B12 to mix with your injections (popular.)  There is also the option to add lipotropic fat burning shots as well as a number of high quality supplements tailored for the diet.

  • FDA Approved telemedicine company
  • Fast Hcg order processing and instant consult with overnight shipping available
  • Doctor supervised program
  • hCG is made in an FDA regulated USA pharmacy
  • Convenient: No office visit required
  • No prior prescription required
  • Value: Complete program and hCG kit, is $169 per round when you purchase 2 rounds. B12 included.

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Option #2.  Diet Doc

Buy Hcg - Online Pharmacy Choice #2 is Diet DocIf you are new to the Hcg diet program and would like exceptional guidance from start to finish and beyond, this is the company for you. They offer high quality, pharmaceutical  hCG injections and tablets, and specialize in tailoring the protocol based on the individual’s personal medical profile. Each client starts with a custom dosage and has access to professional weight loss coaches and licensed nutritionists for 1 year.

Their complete Hcg weight loss program includes the doctor consults, legal prescription, and complete hCG injection kit along with a guidebook and their impeccable medical team to ensure your success.

B12 and Lipotropics are included when you purchase a 2 month supply, as well as everything mentioned above.  Absolute best value for your money.

  • FDA approved telemedicine company
  • Fast order processing and fast shipping (as little as 1 day)
  • Doctor supervised program
  • hCG is made in an FDA regulated USA pharmacy
  • Convenient: No office visit required
  • No prior prescription required
  • Value: Complete program and hCG kit, is $174 per round when you purchase 2 rounds. B12 and lipotropics included with 2 month purchase.
  • Diet Doc Coupon Code: HDIHCG

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Quick Tips for Buying Your HCG Weight Loss Kits and Shots Online Fast (and Cheap!)

  1. Buy only USA-made prescription Hcg injections, drops or Hcg tablets/pellets. Please avoid Hcg patches, creams and sprays. 
  2. Make sure you are ordering top quality, U.S. made prescription HCG injections, drops and tablets. (Overseas hcg online pharmacies sell counterfeit, expired and toxic Hcg. They are considered unsafe by the FDA and FBI, as well as other government agencies. Hcg Dieters are strongly urged to buy from licensed compounding pharmacies in the USA.
  3. Save money by ordering 2 rounds at a time.  The savings is significant.
  4. When buying add-ons such as the fat burner MIC/Lipotropics and energizing B12 injections, you can ask the company to pre-mix these with your Hcg Injections during your doctor’s consult, and have one less shot to take.
  5. Again, be sure to only purchase HCG injections, drops and tablets made in the USA. This guarantees quality, potency, and security against various types of fraud. Aside from safety factors, this will also help avoid “BAD BATCH” Hcg that is counterfeit, low quality and unsafe. We can’t tell you how many reports we have received about Hcg Dieters that had to deal with the complications of buying cheap hcg from overseas pharmacies.

The companies we recommend have continually met all of the above standards and more.  We request their 3rd party potency reports to know they are maintaining the highest quality possible. Your safety and success are our #1 priority.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Ordering Process

Is it legal to purchase hCG online?

Yes, it is legal, as long as you purchase from a legitimate FDA approved telehealth source including the recommended companies on this page. It is NOT legal to purchase hCG from overseas because this does not include a legal prescription that is recognized by the USA authorities. It is also illegal to import prescription drugs which is a 2nd federal offense.

Do I need a prescription to purchase hCG injections online?

Valid prescriptions are included with each of the recommended telemedicine companies on this page. There is no need to have a prescription already in hand. In fact, through telemedicine and the practice of telehealth, there is no need to schedule an appointment with a doctor, make a trip to the doctor’s office, or pay a co-pay. All doctor consults are done over the phone or video chat at your convenience.

Should I order my hCG with or without vitamin B12?

While Vitamin B isn’t necessary for the hCG Diet to work, it is highly recommended by the doctors and coaches in each of these weight loss programs. The benefits of Vitamin B and B12 are vast. This includes increased energy and mental clarity as well as an extra increase in metabolism.

Should I order Lipotropics with my hCG?

Lipotropics are metabolism-boosting injections or pills, that include fat burning amino acids in a specific blend. While these aren’t necessary for the diet, they are an excellent way to boost your weight loss efforts and even help with weight maintenance after you have reached your goal. 

How much hCG should I buy? 

How much and how long, depends on how much weight you have to lose.

  • 1 Round:  If you have 15 to 20 lbs to lose, select 1 round. These are typically 24 days to 31 days long.
  • Select 1 round for each 15 – 20 lbs you want to lose to reach your goal weight.
  • If you have more than 20 lbs to lose, consider purchasing multiple rounds from the start to save time and money.

I’m in a rush- can I order Hcg to be delivered fast?

Each of these sources offer instant or same-day order processing, as well as lightning fast shipping. Once you place your order, a doctor will quickly reach out for a 1 on 1 consult. They will answer your questions and explain the protocol over the phone or video chat. Once all is covered, the doctor will prescribe your Hcg and send the prescription to the pharmacy. The pharmacy will ship your order efficiently, potentially to arrive the next day if you select overnight delivery.

Legally Buy Prescription pharmaceutical Hcg Injections, Drops and Tablets Online

Over the last 10 years, we have grown to know every Hcg source on the market and only recommend legitimate companies that have continually met our strict standards for safety, along with quality of product & service.

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Customer Testimonials

In 9 months, I have lost 5 sizes and well over 70 pounds.

I would never have thought this was possible. I’ve been heavy since a child and this is the first time in my life that I am finally at a healthy weight. So beyond grateful that I found Diet Doc and gave this diet a try. Best choice of my life! – Terri Leonis, WI

The Hcg Diet really works!

That is so awesome! I ordered my Hcg kit on Valentine’s day, weighing in at 175 lbs and in a tight size 12 jeans (Ok, I was really a size 14 lol!). It’s almost Memorial day now, and in just over 3 months, I now weigh in  at 128 lbs and I’m in a size 3! I will be wearing a bikini for 4th of July and I’m so excited! – LeeAnn Rodriguez, NM

HCG Success Story Jolie: Hcg Injection kits from the USA
An inspiring success story: Jodie M. went from a size 14 to a size 2 in 2 months and has kept the weight off! Notice the reshaping of her figure and the maintained muscle tone. Wow’d them at the Christmas party!

72 lbs gone and it was a learning experience.

My friend and I saw the Hcg injections on Dr. Oz and after seeing the success stories there, we were impressed. We ordered our Hcg injection kits on the same day, and decided to be “Hcg Diet buddies.” She has lost 56 pounds and I have lost 72 pounds, along with 12 inches around my waist. Absolutely incredible results and we had fun doing it together. 🙂  – Sandara W., LI,NY

The Absolute best decision of my life!

I have lost over 100 pounds, and I’m weighing below 200 for the first time in 10 years.  I still have a little more to go before I reach my goal, but it’s such a joy, knowing I have found a diet that actually works. It was challenging in the beginning and I had a learning curve but now I’m a pro and surprised at how easy it was compared to anything else I have tried. -Kate Ryans, CA

I’m really pleased with my results:

R1 09/11/2010 – 317.4 lbs
LDW RD1 – 277.2lbs (-40.2lbs)
LDW RD2 – 239lbs ( -39.2lbs)
Begin Rd3 224.6
LDW 200.2 (-24.4)
Begin Rd4 212.4 (load +7)
LDW Rd4 182.2 (-30.2)

Altogether, I have lost 134lbs, and it has absolutely changed my lifestyle. My husband looks at me differently… I look at me differently. My face is so different… I look like a different person and one of the best parts… I get to buy the clothes that I have always wanted to wear, but couldn’t. – Feisty Girl

I’m only on day 16, but I’m down 21 pounds!

vlcd16…and I’ve lost more than I was expecting with Hcg injections. I have been “dieting” all my life, yet getting fatter and fatter for years. I tried everything and eventually a google search led me to Hcg shots. I ordered so fast, after seeing the success pics and learning how the diet works. I had this moment where I realized; life is too short to be fat one minute longer. – Davina

Mother of 5… that never lost the baby weight from a single pregnancy (until now)

I started out at 313.2. pounds.  This was after dieting for 6 months and losing a whole 6 pounds. I really gave it my best- I cut out carbs. I watched my sugar. I drank blended vegetables, and I hit the treadmill 5 days a week. 6 pounds was all I lost. Seriously??? I saw a family member over the holidays who looked STUNNING! She had lost half of her body size, and shared everything about Hcg injections and the diet with me. So grateful! – Sara Penn, OR

I have been bragging about the HCG diet plan all week.

I just completed my first round, and while I was skeptical… that was all gone by the end of the first 2 days, when I lost nearly 7 pounds… by the end of the first week, I had lost 12 pounds already, and my stomach was so much flatter. I could feel the difference. I have tons of energy and zero cravings while taking the injections too. It’s awesome! Normally I struggle to stay up past 10, but I find myself needing very little sleep these days and feeling so great. My 2nd week, I stalled for 2 days, but I was able to find help in the Hcg diet forums and that ended up being a huge lesson in understanding body fat. I guess that’s when I realized also that I was learning habits for future healthy living too- this wasn’t just a “diet” but so much more.  – Ezzi, San Diego

19 pounds in 18 days!

I am so loving the Hcg weight loss injections. I have struggled with weight loss forever. HCG makes losing weight really easy to do!! My wife is about to order a kit now, with prescription Hcg from one of the sources here. She’s so excited and I’m glad we get to do this together. This is a big deal for us, because we’ve needed to make some healthy choices for a long time — Craig