Ready to buy Hcg injections, drops, or tablets online? Whether you’re new to the diet or an experienced veteran, it is important to find an Hcg source that can be depended on for quality and cost.  HCG Diet Packs has 3 great options for you.

Buy HCG Injections Drops and Tablets Online

Buy Hcg Injections, Drops and Tablets Online

Over the last 15 years, we have grown to know every Hcg source on the market and only recommend legitimate companies that have continually met our strict standards for safety, along with quality of product & service.

Get Hcg coupon codes:  Are you a loyal reader of HCG Diet Packs?  The links on this page include exclusive offers just for you.  If calling, mention “HCG Diet Packs” to receive current discounts and promotions.  You may also want to read, tips that will save you money when buying HCG online.


Where to Buy Hcg Injections, Drops and Tablets Online.

Buy Prescription Hcg Injections, Drops and Tablets from the USA, with coupon codes and discounts. Note: If calling, these U.S. Hcg sources will honor HDI discounts if requested.


  1. Nu Image Medical HCG Kit $50 Off + Free B12 for HDP Readers. Additional 10% discount based on payment method. Hcg made and shipped from Florida, USA.  Offers Hcg Prescription Injections, Drops, Tablets/Pellets.  Prescription and all supplies included in price. Highest Potency, high quality prescription Hcg. Fast Order Processing. Program offers fastest loss rates according to the loss rate poll of 7,000 hcg dieters. Includes all mixing supplies, guidebook, plus medical doctor, expert coaching and support. Fast shipping.  COUPON CODE:  WELCOMETONU

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  1. Diet Doc HDP special pricing, $50 off, or $138 savings on 2 month Hcg supply. Hcg made and shipped from San Diego, CA. Offers Hcg Injections and Tablets.  Prescription and all accurate supplies included in price, right down to the alcohol swabs. Hcg is of the highest potency possible per independent 3rd party lab.  Same-day prescription processing. Shipping 3 days via Fedex or Overnight available.  Custom HCG dosage for each client to control hunger and maximize loss rate.  Price includes HCG certified nutritionist, plus, doctor & licensed nutritionist support for long term weight loss goals.  Accepts health/flex savings account & offers health insurance reimbursement.

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  1. Rejuvi Medical – HCG Kit $51 Off for HDP Readers: Lowest price on the Market.  Hcg made and shipped from Florida, USA. High quality prescription Hcg injections and tablets.  Price includes all correct supplies including mixing supplies, bacteriostatic water, and needles. No frills rock bottom pricing. Same day order processing.

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Read on to learn what makes them the best in the industry, and what they have to offer.

6 Tips to help you buy Hcg injections, drops and tablets wisely:

  1. Buy only Hcg injections, drops or Hcg tablets/pellets. Please avoid Hcg patches, creams and sprays.
  2. Make sure you are ordering top quality, U.S. made prescription HCG injections, drops and tablets. (Overseas pharmacies offer counterfeit, expired and toxic Hcg. They are considered unsafe by the FDA and FBI, as well as other government agencies. Hcg Dieters are strongly urged to buy from licensed compounding pharmacies in the USA. Read about the risks of buying Hcg from an overseas pharmacy.)
  3. Save money by ordering 2 rounds or more at a time.  The savings is significant.
  4. When buying add-ons such as the fat burner MIC/Lipotropics and energizing B12 injections, you can ask the company to pre-mix these with your Hcg Injections during your doctor’s consult, and have one less shot to take.
  5. Again, be sure to only buy HCG injections, drops and tablets made in the USA.  This guarantees quality, potency, and security against various types of fraud. Aside from safety factors, this will also help avoid “BAD BATCH” Hcg that is counterfeit, low quality and unsafe. We can’t tell you how many reports we have received about Hcg Dieters that had to deal with the complications of buying cheap hcg from overseas pharmacies.

The companies we recommend have continually met all of the above standards and more.  We regularly request their 3rd party potency reports to know they are maintaining the highest quality possible for our readers. Your safety and success are #1!

The 3 most-Recommended USA Sources to Buy HCG Injections, Drops and Tablets Online.


Option #1:  DIET DOC – Review

Exclusive discounts using the link on this page. HCG Diet Packs promos apply when calling (TY HDI) Exclusively offered here.

What they have to offer:

  • Safe and potent, high quality Hcg made and shipped from San Diego, CA
  • Price includes doctor consult, prescription and all accurate supplies (convenient!)
  • Offers health insurance reimbursement paperwork & accepts health flex & savings accounts
  • Readily provided Hcg potency and safety certificates at our request
  • Same day prescription processing.
  • Fastest shipping we have seen: at your door in 2-3 days, or overnight shipping available.
  • Dosage is customized for each client by licensed medical doctor to control hunger and maximize loss rates.
  • Price includes expert Hcg Diet coaching by licensed nutritionists and medical doctor.
  • Ongoing nutritionist support.
  • All major credit cards accepted + health/flex savings account.


Option #2: NU IMAGE MEDICAL – Review

Get an instant $50 off or more for 2 rounds, when you use the link on this page. If calling, they will also honor these prices if “HCG Diet Packs” is mentioned.

What they have to offer:

  • This company is perfect for elite newbies who want a first class, full service program with top rated support and guidance from licensed doctors and medical professionals.
  • Free B12 for HDI readers!
  • Highest dosage of all companies in the market.
  • HCG Injections and Drops offered.  Lipotropic, MIC and Vitamin B shots also available.
  • Medical Doctors and Nurses on staff for your convenience. Consults can be done over phone and Skype video.
  • Access to phone/email/chat support 7 days a week.
  • US made, top quality in one of the world’s finest compounding pharmacies.
  • Lightning fast processing and worldwide shipping.
  • Complete program includes, your HCG and supplies, a thorough protocol book, over 100 HCG Diet friendly recipes, carefully recommended diet menu, plus extensive coaching from doctors and medical professionals that specialize in the HCG diet.


Option #3: Rejuvi Medical (formerly New Edge Health) – Review

Get an instant, exclusive $51 discount through the link on this page. Get a larger tdiscount when ordering 2 rounds. “HCG Diet Packs” promos will be honored when calling (Ty for the discount-share HDI!)

What they have to offer:

  • High quality prescription Hcg, made and shipped from Florida, USA.
  • Lowest price on the market.
  • Simple process: select your package and add ons (lipo/MIC/Vit B)
  • Injections and Tablets offered.
  • Option to add Lipotropic, MIC and Vitamin B shots to your order.
  • Made in the USA, best quality.
  • You can order B12 pre-mixed with your HCG purchase during your consult (one less shot to take.)
  • Complete program includes, your HCG and correct mixing supplies & needles, a thorough protocol handbook, recipes, menu, plus coaching from medical professionals that specialize in the HCG diet.


Tips to Buy HCG Injections Drops and Tablets Online

 How much HCG to buy:  

How much and how long, depends on how much weight you have to lose.

  • 1 Round:  If you have 15 to 20 lbs to lose, select 1 round. These are typically 24 days to 31 days long.
  • Select 1 round for each 15 – 20 lbs you want to lose to reach your goal weight.
  • If you have more than 20 lbs to lose, consider purchasing multiple rounds from the start to save time and money.
HCG Success Story Jolie: Hcg Injections, Drops and Tablets

An inspiring success story: Jodie M. went from a size 14 to a size 2 in 2 months and has kept the weight off! Notice the reshaping of her figure and the maintained muscle tone. Wow’d them at the Christmas party!


Nu Image