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hCG Diet Meal Replacement Shake Kit with Supplements $157.00 – Free shipping & no tax for a limited time!

Recommended for individuals currently following the hCG Diet plan. Only $157 for 1 month supply. (Equals $2.61 per meal- less than groceries!) Kit Includes shake mix and supplements for optimal HCG diet results- completely within the HCG Diet guidelines!


  • Protein Shake Mix (Vanilla): 0 sugar, 15 grams protein. Can be used for shakes, smoothies, and puddings.
  • Formula 3 Cell Activator
  • Snack Defense: A mild, yet effective appetite suppressant to help retrain those eating habits!
  • Active Fiber Complex (Apple Flavor) Can be added directly to shakes or alone.
  • Herbal Tea Energy Concentrate (Comes in Original. If you would like a different flavor, just email us! Available: Raspberry, Peach, Original or Lemon)




About the Herbalife HCG Diet Support Kit:

You’ve heard of it! It’s the amazing new “diet secret” that helps those who have tried everything to lose the weight and keep it off. It’s the HCG Diet – the one that teaches your body to burn FAT for FUEL and in return gives you HEALTHY CELLS!

Maybe you’re already on the diet. Maybe you’re not. Either way, when you are on the HCG Diet Plan, you have to be VERY CAREFUL about what you allow into your body. The HCG Diet is very particular about what you can and cannot eat. It even tells you what supplements or meal replacement products you can and cannot take (as nutrition supplements).

But have no fear!

The HCG Diet is what we designed this Herbalife Kit around – so that you get what you NEED and WANT… without breaking any rules of this amazingly effective diet!

What you get in this HCG Diet Kit…

  • Meal-Replacement Shake This nutritious HCG diet-friendly Meal Replacement Shake mix is packed with 100% of the recommended protein and fiber, plus up to 24 essential vitamins and minerals. Each flavor can be used to make dozens of shake and pudding recipes! It’s been scientifically formulated to support metabolic functions at the cellular level, where the HCG Diet does its work.
  • Cell Activator Contains aloe, which helps support the body’s absorption of micro nutrients. Supports HCG “cellular energy production” that turns “stored” fat into FUEL… for safe, rapid weight loss. Also supports anti-aging and metabolism because of the cellular regeneration action of the HCG.
  • Fiber Complex This gentle formula is designed specifically to help with a ‘common issue’ with the HCG Diet.
  • Snack Defense This subtle appetite suppressant keeps your from grabbing snacks and ruining your diet!
  • Herbal Tea Concentrate Gentle metabolism booster with a great flavor!

Remember: In your HCG Diet Plan, the key phases – Phase 2 and Phase 3 – are comprised of very specific instructions. Any deviation could result in stalling your weight loss on Phase 2 – or a failure to stabilize on Phase 3. Once you’ve invested your time and money into this program, you want the best results! And that means NOT BREAKING ANY RULES. Fortunately, the Herbalife HCG Diet is designed to not LET you break the rules! It provides everything your body needs – in the way that’s in total compliance with the rules of the new HCG Diet Plan.

And that’s why so many people are turning to the Herbalife-based HCG Diet Kit to help them “stay strong” and “stay strict” – to get the maximum fat loss and health benefits that this incredibly powerful diet has to offer!

Herbalife has been helping people to lose weight and reach optimal nutrition for over 30 years. Scientifically engineered, Herbalife products can be integrated with ANY weight loss program. They’re designed to give nothing but healthy support to help you lose weight faster, safer, and with optimal results.

This Herbalife kit in particular has been designed JUST for HCG Dieters – to provide much-needed vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and fiber to support weight loss and weight management for long-term results.

Place your order & get healthy today!

Have questions or just want to learn more? Visit http://lahealthguy.com or email shapeupla@gmail.com. Shipping within the US only.

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