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There are several reasons it is not recommended to purchase HCG from abroad.

Reason #1:  Quality.  Pharmaceutical companies abroad, are absolutely not required to operate under the same strict production guidelines as pharmacies in the US.  There have been countless cases where individuals in the US received HCG that was dangerously unsafe, dated and resulted in serious health issues.

Reason #2:  Viability.  HCG, once mixed, has a 3 to 4 week shelf life.  Between initial production and shipping, this shelf life can easily be passed, leaving the consumer with weak or completely unusable HCG that needs to be replaced with a fresh supply.

Reason #3:  No guarantee your order will arrive.  It is not uncommon for imported HCG to be held up in customs for weeks, or confiscated completely.

Reason #4:  Security.  It is widely known that there are websites claiming to sell HCG from overseas that are not legitimate.  Please, never send order payments via Western Union or wire transfer.

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