5 Tips to Save Money When Buying HCG

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How to Save Money When You Buy hCG.

3 Months from now... HCG Diet TipsA recent comparison of hCG purchases found prices to range from $170 to $3000 for quality hCG injections.  For hCG Diet Drops, the same comparison found prices to range from $70 to $1000.  The variations in these prices was largely dependent on the quality of hCG in the product and what was offered in addition to the hCG. Researchers also found that the average hCG Dieter had spent $527 on their hCG and supplies for the diet.  When asked, 72% of them were unaware of ANY of the following ways to save money when making their purchase.

Tip #1  Buy hCG from a U.S. Based, Reputable HCG Diet Brand.  

Sad but true, most hCG suppliers use only trace amounts of the hormone (below recommended dosage) and low potency hCG, in order to keep their pricing down.  Unfortunately, this results in the dieter experiencing hunger, weight loss stalls, headaches and a number of other undesirable symptoms while on the diet.  There are only a handful of hCG diet companies that sell truly high quality hCG, and even less that sell their hCG at such high volumes, they can afford to keep their prices reasonable.  (These companies are listed below for your convenience.)


Tip #2  Use coupon codes & exclusive offers when buying hCG:

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Tip #3  Save Money by Buying complete hCG Diet Kits and Plans.

When buying hCG online there are typically 3 options:

  1. Option A:  Purchasing individual supplies:  This option requires the dieter to buy their hCG, syringes, needles, etc all separately.  Pros: Inexpensive for the individual who needs to lose only a small amount of weight.  Cons: Heads up! This option can come out to be the same price as complete kits and plans that offer much more.  Also, most consumers find it extremely inconvenient to search for the correct individual supplies required.  This is not a commonly recommended option.
  2. Option B: Buy hCG Complete DIY Kits:  These kits include the prescription for hCG, the actual hCG, all mixing supplies, all injection supplies, and instructions for self administering. This option is available from companies like US HCG.  For Drops: These kits include the hCG drops, the prescription and instructions.  Pros: Extremely affordable.  This is a great option for those familiar with the diet and not needing much assistance.  Cons: Not ideal for those new to the diet, particularly if they could use a little guidance for following the protocol.
  3. Option C: Buy hCG Diet Plans with Coaching:  This is for those who want the best value for their money.  One price includes all of the above, plus an HCG diet protocol handbook, recipes or cookbook, the option to add lipotropic b12 injections to avoid weight loss stalls, a specified protocol that can be adjusted to your needs, access to a medical doctor, personal coaches, and more.  This option is available from both New Edge HCG and Nu Image and are about the same price as the above two options, but include all of these things and more.  This option tends to come out as the most inexpensive and convenient simply because it is the best way to avoid having to repeat rounds.  It is a convenient, all in one, foolproof approach to buying hCG.

Tip #4 Buy Multiple Rounds and Supplements at The Same Time

Most hCG Plans are offered in “short rounds” or “long rounds.”  Short rounds are typically for those who need to lose 15 to 20 lbs.  Long rounds are offered for those who need to lose more.  If you have more than 15 to 20 lbs to lose, purchasing a “long round” can offer significant savings from purchasing multiple short rounds.


Tip #5 Buy hCG from the USA:  

Avoid having to reorder due to a low quality, low potency purchase or having to repurchase hCG that never arrived.  The best way to do this, is by buying hCG in the US, and not from overseas pharmacies. For more details, read:  Reasons why not to buy hCG from overseas.


One last tip….  Whichever company you choose to buy hCG from, please be sure they offer secure payment options and extended customer service.  You can avoid spending more time and money in the long run and enjoy more time focusing on your new weight loss goals.

We hope these tips have helped you to find exactly what you’re looking for at a great price!