6 Tips for Buying HCG Injections Online

6 Tips for buying HCG injections online:

  1. Purchase only the injections or REAL HCG drops. (Pellets, patches and sprays are shown to be less effective.)
  2. Make sure you are ordering top quality, medical grade hCG. (International pharmacies are not guaranteed to provide this.)
  3. Considering a DIY protocol? For the same price, or less, you can buy a complete HCG Diet Program that includes so much more: Your HCG and all supplies, a full protocol guide, recipes, menus, and best of all, access to coaching and support from licensed doctors and medical staff for coaching and support 7 days a week.  It’s a no-brainer!
  4. IF still going the DIY route: Check whether or not mixing supplies are included in your HCG kit. These often need to be purchased separately for additional money.
  5. Consider add-ons such as Lipo/MIC and vitamin B to maximize your HCG weight loss. These can often be premixed into your HCG injections for you.
  6. Buy US Made HCG, and be sure the company offers secure payment. This will help avoid “missing” orders, customs delays or other complications such as ineffective, low quality substances.  (Low quality HCG can cause side effects including hunger and stalling or more serious concerns.)

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