About HCG Vials – How Much to Buy?

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Prescription HCG used for the HCG diet is sold in vials of 5,000iu.  Each vial of HCG contains this amount of HCG powder.  The “iu” is a measurement of the amount and means “international unit” so even HCG purchased overseas comes in this amount.

For Injections:  1 Vial of 5,000iu HCG will last approximately 3 to 4 weeks for injections.  Note:  The HCG must be refrigerated once mixed to last this long and any remaining HCG after this period should be replaced.  

For Drops:  1 vial of 5,000iu HCG will last you approximately 15 days if following the typical HCG Diet Drops protocol:  drops taken twice a day, and at a higher dosage than with injections to have the same benefits.  This is because HCG is not directly absorbed into the blood stream as with injections and studies have shown a higher dosage is required for the same effects.


Important note:  Do not take HCG in a dose based on how long you want the HCG to last.  This could counteract the benefits of the diet altogether, cause hunger, or even weight loss plateau.  Take the dosage recommended by your personal protocol and consult a specialist for adjustments if necessary.

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