About Syringes, Needles and Vials

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There are three main parts to what we collectively call a “syringe.”

The syringe (plastic part that holds the liquid.)

The needle (that sharp pointy part.)

The plunger (the end that pushes the liquid out of the syringe.)


Each syringe is used only once, then disposed of.  For this reason, you will need to either purchase enough individual syringes for the length of your HCG Diet plan, or purchase a kit that already includes these.

These needles are small; either 5/16″ or 1/2″ in length.  They are quite short and thin, which is why most people do not experience much discomfort from these injections.  Particularly since these tiny needles are injected into fatty tissue, they are nothing to be afraid of.

A note to ease the discomfort of injections:

Take your HCG out of the fridge just long enough for the extreme chill to fade before injecting.  Very cold liquid can be felt both on the needle and under the skin during injections.  Just remember not to leave it out too long.  Should you leave it out until it gets warm, you can expect a decrease in potency and should replace your supply as soon as possible.