FAQ Guide to Buying Prescription hCG Online

The Hcg Diet Plan requires a daily dose of human chorionic gonadotropin. This is a natural hormone produced in large amounts by pregnant women, as the body’s way of nourishing and protecting the growing fetus. It has also been found to change the way the body loses weight, when combined with a very specific 500 calorie diet.

Tips for Buying HCG Injections Online

So where do you buy Hcg online? We put this guide together on how you can purchase REAL, Hcg injections from US licensed pharmacies as an informed consumer.

A message from the author…. I’m a true believer when it comes to this protocol and using only, high quality, high potency, hCG because I have personally lost over 60 lbs with authentic Hcg hormone injections from my recommended online pharmacies. I have also seen the resulting challenges that come with purchasing cheap, overseas counterfeit  injectables, including fatal side effects, hair loss, severe illness, and other serious consequences. Because of this, HDP only recommends legitimate sources in the USA, that are FDA accredited, and completely safe to use.

It has been nearly many years since I lost the weight and I have actually enjoyed the lifestyle changes I have made that keep the weight off!  The changes I’ve made with this diet, are absolutely permanent and it is my pleasure to help others reach the same success in their lives.

I truly believe that this hormone results in lasting results.  These are  not placebo results.   I can say from experience that this protocol does spare muscle, takes away hunger, and allows your body’s metabolism to reset itself.  Following the old protocol of 500 calories while taking a non-real hCG hormone product, I feel is the cause of many finding the protocol to be too challenging.

Weight loss is really pretty pointless unless there is a way to maintain it and move on with your life.

Now on with the good stuff…

You might find yourself thinking you MUST purchase hCG immediately, or you’ll never be thin. Take a deep breath, read this entire guide, and THEN make an informed decision that is right for you.

Ready for ANSWERS to Frequently Asked Questions About the Buying Process?

  • Real vs. Fake Hcg products (Walmart drops, costco, amazon)
  • Why you MUST refrigerate hCG once it has been mixed
  • How online prescriptions work
  • Highest quality hCG options
  • Cheapest hCG option
  • Choosing the correct amount of hCG to buy – Injection and shot kits, and Drops
  • Vials of hCG explained
  • About needles and syringes
  • Where and how I Injected
  • About prescription Drops?
  • About prescription HCG pellets?

Real Hcg vs. Fake Products

Because there is so much misinformation on the web, there are countless people who believe they are following the true hCG protocol. Unfortunately, without REAL hCG being used, they are not getting the true effects and benefits that the hormone provides during the weight loss process.

You MUST use REAL, genuine, human chorionic gonadotropin in combination with the protocol foods and eating guidelines.

This means, avoiding products that are fake, low quality, expired, etc. These are sold by overseas pharmacies, as well as in local stores:

Hcg Products from Walmart, Costco and Amazon

How many people have you heard of that are using hCG diet drops from Costco or Walmart? Countless.  Unfortunately, these are little more than amino acids and water, containing ZERO hCG hormone.  In reality, they are quite useless, or only intended to be used as an additional supplement in combination with genuine hCG.  True human chorionic gonadotropin for this diet is a prescription product and therefore, unavailable through these stores.  In fact, they are only available online or through your local doctor.

Amazon’s TOS does not allow prescription products to be sold on their site. You can read this here.

3 Legitimate Sources to Purchase Genuine Human Chorionic Gonadotropin

There are 3 sources that will allow you to order hCG online. The prescription is included in your purchase, as well as ongoing access to a licensed medical doctor via phone, email and video chat. All of their injectables, pellets, and drops, are made in licensed compounding pharmacies in the USA, under the rigid regulations of the FDA.

My 3 Reliable USA Sources:

1. Diet Doc

Learn about these USA sources for purchasing Hcg online, in depth, with specifics about what each company offers, along with reviews.


Why, you ask?  Once hCG has been mixed into a liquid solution, it is now on the “potency countdown”– the viability of hCG in this form, well refrigerated, is now considered of good quality for 3 to 4 weeks.

Can it last longer than 3 to 4 weeks?  Yes.  Your particular hCG product may degrade at a slower rate than the 3-4 week mark, however should the solution weaken, it may result in challenges such as increased hunger, slowed or plateaued weight loss, etc. Rather than risk these issues, I find it is best to stick to the 3 to 4 week recommendation.  

There are countless times when I have read posts in the hCG Diet Info Forums, where people are struggling with hunger while on the protocol; the first thing I ask is, “How long ago was your hCG mixed?”  Almost every time, a fresh order of hCG has been the solution.

This is why the sources I recommend on my buy hcg page ONLY offer hCG in powder form.  I have weeded through hundreds of suppliers that sell hCG for injection and this is certainly one of my top quality requirements.  

Not sure which is the best option for you?  Read about the different hCG diet plans here.  If you already know this is the diet for you, but are still confused about where and which hCG product to actually buy, you’ve come to the right place.

How do online prescriptions work for Hcg?

Thanks to the growing practice of telehealth, prescriptions for human chorionic gonadotropin and many other weight loss and anti-aging injectables, to be ordered online. Simply choose the source you would like to purchase through, and you will be prompted to fill out a simple medical questionnaire, which is the same as you would complete when going to a doctor’s office. A licensed medical doctor will reach out to you via phone or video chat, after reviewing your form. They will go over this and answer your questions about the products before approving your prescription. Once approved, the Rx is sent directly from their licensed pharmacy in the USA. Most kits arrive within 3 to 14 days, depending on which company was chosen.