Where Can I Buy HGH Injections Online?

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There are only 2 ways to acquire 100% legal, prescription Human Growth Hormone peptides.  The first option is to find a local doctor near you that specializes in hormone replacement therapy.  The second option is to purchase online, through an FDA approved telemedicine company that also specializes in hormone therapy.  This option can be far more convenient and easier on the pocketbook.

Where to Buy Authentic HGH Injections Online

Below, you will find 2 reliable pharmacies that sell HGH peptides through legal, online telemedicine practice. There is no prior prescription needed, and the process is simple and fast, while also far more affordable than purchasing through a clinic or local doctor.

Prior to making an HGH purchase, here are a few things to consider:

  • Is a licensed medical doctor required to prescribe your therapy treatment before you receive it? Hgh peptides ALWAYS require a prescription if they are legitimate. If there is no doctor, or if you merely speak with a salesperson, the product is not legitimate and could even be dangerous if made overseas.
  • Be sure your product is coming from a licensed USA pharmacy. This will ensure the prescriptions were made under strict regulations for quality and safety, in FDA approved facilities.
  • Does the company you are purchasing from, have a legitimate reputation and is a trusted business? Legitimate FDA approved telehealth companies will always display Trust Guard and SiteLock certifications for secure transactions.

The companies recommended on this site, all meet the above requirements and more. They offer a range of hormone replacement therapy treatments and include personal consults with medical doctors and medical staff. Their products are all made and shipped from licensed pharmacies in the USA.

#1 Choice for Purchasing HGH Online

Anti-Aging Peptides Program

Anti Aging HGH Peptide Kit - Order Online

Dose of HGH Peptides: Sermorelin (6mg)

Benefits: Sermorelin triggers the pituitary gland for the production of human growth hormone resulting in anti-aging benefits, increased energy, increased metabolism, decrease in unhealthy body fat, improved muscle mass, stronger bones, healthier joints and connective tissue. Sermorelin and HGH therapy is also known to result in healthy hair, skin and nails.

Performance Peptides Program

Performance HGH Peptide Kit - Order Online

Dose of HGH Peptides: Sermorelin (9mg), GHRP-2 (9mg) & GHRP-6 (9mg)

Benefits of HGH

All the benefits of the anti-aging HGH kit above, with the addition of GHRP-2 and GHRP-6 for adding muscle mass and bulk, as well as increased weight loss results.

For those who want to add muscle mass and lose weight, this is the peptide kit for you. The performance kit is also beneficial for sexual performance. Lipotropics injections can also be added for even more fat-burning results.

  • Over 15 years in telemedicine, Riverfront MD is an FDA approved telemedicine company, located in the USA.
  • All products also come as a complete kit, including all mixing and injection supplies (right down to the alcohol swabs.)
  • They offer HGH therapy programs with IGF-1 and Sermorelin and can guide you to the best program for you.
  • No prior prescription needed; it is included.
  • Ongoing access to a medical doctor and staff, via phone, live chat, video phone, or email.
  • Fast order processing and fast overnight shipping available.

The benefits of hGH hormone replacement therapy are best following 6 to 12 months of consistent treatment. For this reason, Nu Image offers kits for multiple months at a significant discount (downright cheap hgh peptides!)

What are HGH Peptides?

Hgh Peptides refers to the group of peptides that trigger natural human growth hormone production. The specific names of these peptides include Sermorelin, IGF-1, GHRP-2 and GHRP-6. These are all offered at the source mentioned above.

What is HGH most commonly used for?

HGH is most commonly used for anti-aging and weight loss, but also offers a number of benefits including increased energy, improved muscle tone and stronger joints and bones. As an added benefit, HGH is known to result in shiny, healthy hair, skin and nails as well. 

How does purchasing HGH online work?

It’s a surprisingly simple and convenient process. Simply add the items to your cart, then complete a brief online questionnaire (similar to what you would complete at a doctor’s office, but shorter and mobile-friendly.) Once completed, a doctor will review and before reaching out for a 1 on 1 consult, via phone or video (your preference.)  The doctor will go over your medical background with you, and the HGH protocol, answering any questions you may have before approving your prescription for a blood test (to measure your progress) and for your HGH.  The doctor sends your prescription directly to the pharmacy, who then ships your order directly to your door. It’s that easy!

Is it legal to purchase HGH online without a prior prescription?

Yes, it is 100% legal to buy Human Growth Hormone online, as long as it is through a legitimate, FDA approved telemedicine company. These sources will have a team of licensed medical doctors that can prescribe HGH therapy as a complete program, and oversee your progress along the way.

About HGH

Human Growth Hormone, or HGH, has been considered a breakthrough in hormone therapy since the FDA approved it back in the 1980’s. With modern research and treatment protocols, HGH has been recognized as somewhat of a medical marvel, attributed with turning back the clock for both men and women.

HGH has become an increasingly popular option for weight loss and anti-aging properties.  Growth hormone naturally starts to decline in the late 20’s, and results in thinning hair, weight gain (particularly around the waistline,) dry skin and wrinkle development.

To combat these issues, hormone therapy with HGH, has been shown to improve body fat and overall muscle composition as well as skin elasticity. It has also been shown to improve the risks of bone density (osteoporosis) and improve sleep patterns and the immune system overall.

What is HGH?

Human Growth Hormone is a naturally occurring hormone, produced by the pituitary gland. It is responsible for the recovery, growth and maintenance of all human tissue and all organs. As a result, it also influences metabolism of sugars and fats, and a number of aging factors.

More Benefits of Human Growth Hormone

Human growth hormone is used to treat and benefit a number of health conditions. It can be used in larger dosages to help with weight loss and muscle retention, while smaller amounts can be used for general recuperation, over all health and well-being, and anti-aging. The number of advantages to HGH treatment ranges broadly:

1. Muscle Rentention and Increased Strength

According to the research done by the International Journal fo Endocrinology, HGH can benefit muscle and strength by increasing the amount of collagen in muscle tissue and ligaments. A research study done, compared 14 men between the ages of 50 an 70, of which half were given placebo and the other half, HGH. After a 6 month period, those who were given the HGH injections, exhibited an increased strength ability.

2. Weight Loss

Growth hormone has been found to improve the body’s ability to break down fatty lipids. In other words, HGH improves the body’s ability to breakdown and metabolize fat before and after it is stored as adipose tissue.

There is also improvement in those who exhibit insulin resistance and high blood pressure.

3. Bone Healing and Strength

HGH has been found to improve the natural metabolism of bones and joints. It has also been found to speed up the healing process, and increase the amount of bone-forming cells that are typically at their peak during puberty.

4. Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

With age, the natural presence of human growth hormone and testosterone decrease, resulting in an inability to become physically aroused.  HGH has become a highly desired treatment for this, and has been shown to improve both, the ability to become erect, as well as increase sexual arousal.

5. Improved Mood and Focus

Personal satisfaction and mental prosperity have been known to improve with growth hormone. A number of studies have been done to show how patients with mood and/or cognitive function issues, have shown improvement over a 6 month period of hormone treatment. The findings were conclusive that HGH can have a significant effect on overall mood elevation and cognitive abilities.

6. Improved Sleep Patterns

HGH is released at peak during a typical sleep cycle. For those who are experiencing sleep deprivation, this can worsen without the HGH naturally being released in their system.  Patients taking HGH, often experience an ability to sleep better naturally, while also allowing their body’s to naturally produce and distribute its own naturally produced HGH.

Human Growth Hormone Deficiency

Deficiency in Growth Hormone most significantly occurs in mature individuals, however, individuals at any age can experience this and it can shift in the body over time.  The signs and side effects include:

  • Weight gain (unexplained and mostly in the waistline)
  • Memory loss or inability to focus
  • Depression and mood swings
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Decreased muscle strength
  • Decreased bone mass
  • Loss of muscle mass (unexplained)
  • Dry skin and hair
  • Hair loss
  • Increased triglycerides and overall high cholesterol
  • Fatigue (unexplained)
  • Increased risk of Cardiovascular disease
  • Inability to tolerate temperatures (always hot or always cold)

Is HGH safe?

As with any prescription hormone, it is wise to ask if HGH is safe to use.  The answer is, YES.  Human growth hormone has been shown to have no known side effects as long as it is taken in the recommended dosage.  It is also important not to take more than what is prescribed, since this can actually lessen results that come with a lower dose.  It is also important to ONLY use HGH under the direct supervision of a licensed medical doctor. HGH has been endorsed by the FDA for many decades, and is known to have no proven side effects.

Why Buy HGH injections from the USA?

HGH is a prescription drug, and as a general rule, we ONLY recommend sources that are located in the USA. The reason for this is simple: overseas pharmacies are not regulated by the FDA. In fact, most of the overseas “pharmacies” found online, are located in India (although they usually use a Canadian address) but source their products from various factories in Haiti, China etc., based on whoever has the cheapest price at the time. While this allows them to offer incredibly cheap “hgh” it is estimated by the FDA that 60% of these products are counterfeit. In addition, they are made in various factories that use unsafe processing procedures and toxic ingredients including egg shells and dry wall materials to cut costs. For your personal safety, we do not ever recommend purchasing HGH from a source outside of the USA.


REAL hGH Reviews and Testimonials 

Goodbye Wrinkles and Obesity

I have been taking HGH performance from Riverfront for over a year now. I started seeing serious results in 5 months, to the point that I had friends asking me if I had a face lift. I have lost over 40 pounds, and the deep lines between my eyes, and above my eyebrows, have completely gone away! They have filled in and only very fine lines can now be seen.  The fine lines I had around my eyes are completely gone. I would never have imagined this would even be possible. – Jenna

Better Sex, Better Sleep

My wife and I both, have been using HGH injections from Riverfront MD for the last 3 months. The biggest changes we have experienced were our sex lives and our ability to sleep deeper and longer than before.  With our sex drives… it has been like we are teenagers again, and has transformed our marriage. This was the best decision we could have made. – Shelley

No more antidepressants or sleeping pills

A friend recommended HGH from Riverfront, as a solution to the depression issues I was experiencing. It took only a few days before I could sleep without sleeping pills (for the first time in years) and my mood started to shift. I had expected any results to take weeks or months so this was beyond my expectations. I have also noticed a significant increase in energy and have been able to stop taking antidepressants without any issues. – Hannah

Weight Loss and goodbye cellulite!

I have not only noticed that I sleep better with HGH, but my energy has increased and I have lost a lot of weight without explanation. Better yet, the cellulite that once kept me from wearing shorts EVER, has started diminishing, which I never would have expected. Even the lower part of my arms are tightening and look as though I have been working out. Amazing results. – Macey

Hair growth and stamina- great decision.

I started with HGH injections from Riverfront about 8 weeks ago. I’m 53 years old and have been dealing with hair loss for nearly a decade- until last week. My hairdresser actually noticed before I did- she asked if I had done something different. I have since noticed that my hair is thicker, curlier and filling in where it hasn’t been in years. My friends are noticing as well. I have also noticed an increase in stamina.  I am thoroughly impressed. – Colleen

Weight Loss and Cholesterol

I am retired with 3 grandchildren, so that should explain my age. Before taking HGH, I worked with a personal trainer at least 3 to 4 days a week; at most, I dropped a few pounds and felt good, but I experienced serious exercise-induced asthma if I worked out too hard. After a few months with HGH, I have been able to work out, even on the treadmill, without any breathing issues at all. HGH is the only explanation. I have also lost nearly 20 pounds, doing nothing different than before, and my previously high cholesterol now tests in the normal range. I also had my bone density tested recently and the tech was shocked at how good my results were. The first of these improvements was within 5 weeks of taking the HGH injections. – Brenda











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