HCG Diet Eating over the Holidays

Holiday Eating on the HCG Diet
It’s that time of year again and HDI is overloaded with messages from HCG Dieters that are full of questions and concerns over holiday eating.  We’ve put together a brief list of survival tips just in time!
For Loaders:  Make the most of those holiday meals- If you’re loading, this is probably the best time to do so.  You may want to read through the following tips to keep in mind and apply those that you feel will help you before moving on to the next phase.
If you’re in the maintenance phase (p3) or reintroduction phase (p4), now is the time to practice those healthy eating habits you’ve adapted to during your diet. Does this mean you can’t have a slice of that pumpkin pie? Of course you can- in fact, this is the perfect time to try a zig and zag approach that healthy eating is all about.  Read on to learn which tips will help you at that holiday buffet!
If you’re already in Phase 2… this is a great opportunity for you too! You have a chance to learn how you will be eating healthy in all situations for your future, while feeling more satisfied than ever before.  After all, there’s nothing that feels as good as enjoying your food AND enjoying that feeling of self betterment at the same time. This list is especially for you!

Best Tips for Holiday Eating on the HCG Diet

  • Healthy snacking beforehand. Before heading to that holiday party, eat filling, healthy fibers, proteins, and/or vegetables.  You’ll find it’s easier to pass on that pumpkin pie when you already feel physically satisfied.  If you’re in phase 3 or 4, you’ll find it easier to have a few bites of that pie instead of one large piece of cake, four glasses of egg nog, three handfuls of red and green M & M’s, and two plates of turkey covered in gravy. You’re already full!
  • Don’t stuff that plate. If you find yourself balancing that pile of food on your plate like the leaning tower of piza, set it down, pick up a new plate and give it a second try.  It’s all about portion control, and keeping those plates lighter, will help you to eat slower and ultimately eat less.  Try multiple trips to the food table with smaller plates and give your body time to realize it’s full and the dinner bell is no longer tempting.
  • Drink WATER. Before, during and ESPECIALLY after… it’s time to do the post-feat flush to clear all that processed junk, salt, food coloring, and saturated fats from your system, and nothing does that faster than water. Drink at least 2 liters of water, and you’ll be amazed at what a difference this makes in how fast you process your food and feel great!
  • Eat healthy again…as soon as possible.  This is our Editor’s go-to trick for weight management, especially if you’ve found yourself slipping from the HCG Diet Menu you’ve been so loyal to.  Most people find themselves thinking, “Well, I already ate that entire stack of twelve pancakes at brunch. I’m off the wagon for the day (or longer.)”  Don’t do that!  You want to do the exact opposite- immediately do something that makes you feel good about your diet (drink water, eat some greens, take a supplement, go for a walk….) and go back to your conscientious eating routine AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.  It is far easier to bounce back from one wayward meal than an entire day of binging.
  • Skip the scale. If you regularly weigh yourself, but you’ve found yourself having something off-menu, skip the scale this time. The scale may not reflect a true weight at this time, with many holiday foods and drinks, causing you to retain more water than normal.
  • Really enjoy yourself.  Don’t underestimate the power of happiness on your progress.  A positive outlook can be truly beneficial to your overall weight loss.  Just remember, the holidays are about celebrating with loved ones and not obsessing over calories or ingredients.  But…. if mom put a lot of effort into those delicious Christmas cookies, feel free to smile and offer a warm “Thank you!” instead of passing the plate.

One last thing to keep in mind… Let yourself truly enjoy the warmth of the holiday season  and take pleasure in every single moment, food included.

Cheers and Happy Holidays!


HCG Diet Info Contributor