How much are HCG Injections?

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Depending on the HCG plan you are planning to follow, HCG injections can range from $170 to $1000.  Anything less, such as HCG purchased overseas, should be seriously questioned as far as quality and viability.

The most expensive HCG Injections are those from various weight loss clinics.  These typically include entire HCG weight loss regimens; all supplies, coaching, and even some spa treatments such as body wraps along with spa and sauna time.  There are plenty of benefits to these programs, but the price tag is not one of them!

Next on the list, Doctor office HCG.  These require a patient to come in for a general health exam and blood tests.  A prescription is then given for HCG or it is provided in-office.  If the Doctor specializes in the diet, the latter is usually the case and the patient can expect a kit to take home along with a guide for the Doctor’s particular protocol (a modified version of Dr. Simeons Menu) and instructions on how to self inject.  While still one of the more expensive routes to go, the benefit to going this route is that the diet can be customized to the client based on the Doctor’s observations.

The most common option these days, is an online medically guided HCG injections plans.  There are a handful of quality options available for this and it is completely legal and legitimate.  Doctors or Nurse Practitioners will have the patient fill out medical forms online, and provide a consultation over the phone or live video.  There are plenty of great perks for going this route;  convenience being one.  Never having to step in the office and you can meet with the doctor wearing yoga pants and slippers.  This option runs between $199 and $400 on average and includes a fully guided HCG weight loss experience.

The least expensive option is DIY, or Do It Yourself HCG injection kits.  These kits start at $179 and usually include all mixing supplies and instructions, along with a basic guide on how to perform the injections and a recommended HCG meal plan.  While these companies provide easy access customer service, it is not ideal for those who are new to the protocol and may require a little more hand holding.

Finally, the least expensive options…. HCG Diet Drops.  While the most inexpensive option for drops are those sold in stores such as Walmart, Costco and on Amazon, it is important to understand these are not genuine HCG hormone containing formulas.  These are typically made up of amino acids and water with a little preservative mixed in.  Dieters on these drops often report symptoms that are not found in hormone-containing drops;  hunger, headaches, low energy and difficulty maintaining weight loss.

REAL HCG drops run around $100 and are only available with a prescription.  They cannot be purchased in stores.  When purchasing these formulas, it is important to find a brand that offers a patented blend of ingredients that ensures as much absorption as possible.  The reason for this is that when HCG is ingested rather than injected, it is not as easily absorbed into the blood stream without a little help.

A list of quality recommended HCG suppliers is available here.