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Hcg Diet Packs is the largest and most-shared resource for buying hcg drops, injections and pellets online for the Hcg Diet. We are also known as the best source for discounts pricing.

For many years, Hcg could only be purchased by going through your local doctor or purchasing low quality and unsafe overseas hcg. Later, hcg weight loss clinics began popping up, however, they commonly used hormone free “hcg” or diluted hcg that was very low potency and therefore, didn’t often work. On top of this, they charged hundreds of dollars per week and strayed from the original protocol. More times than not, the dieter would have such slow losses and such extreme feelings of hunger, they would either fall off the diet plan, or gain the weight back (this happens with low quality hcg, hormone free products, and from not following very important steps of the original protocol.)

A much-needed resource was requested and we began weeding through the numerous hcg suppliers… and scammers.

After much research Hcg Diet Packs published the first reputable list of FDA licensed Hcg suppliers where people could buy top quality, SAFE hcg that is made in the USA.  Since then, we have become recognized as the single most reputable source for up-to-date Hcg suppliers, and the best place to find promotions and discounts on Hcg and Hcg Diet products.



About me…

It’s been over 10 years since I lost nearly 100 lbs with the HCG Diet.  Since then, my life has changed dramatically.  I was once buying a size 22 dress, longing for winter so I could wear oversized baggy sweaters to hide my fat.  I had no confidence at all.  I was shy, and never wanted to go anywhere or try anything- I was a hermit and couch potato, usually sitting around with a bag of Taco Bell.  I’m sure many of you know what I mean!

Today, I am a different person- I’m the woman who now loves to live an active life.  I have a natural confidence where I am simply comfortable with my body.  I love wearing stylish clothes and show my figure and best of all… I love helping others to realize they can change their lives too.

I believe we make being healthy, more difficult than it needs to be, and the hCG diet is the medical weight loss plan that opens the door to living a healthy, vibrant life.

I have provided thousands of articles for HCG Diet Info and many here on HCG Diet Packs to help you with the first few steps of the Hcg diet Plan.  I hope you find them useful and take comfort in knowing I’m sending inspiration and motivation your way.

Wishing each and every one of you good luck and sending you a message from the heart… get ready for a new you!


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