Simplest and Best Quality HCG Options to Buy

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There are only a few online US sources that are highly recommended for HCG injections.  These are: NuImage Medical (Doctor-guided) and US HCG Shots (Do It Yourself.)

For REAL HCG drops, I recommend Triumph.  They offer both REAL HCG and Hormone-free.

Advantages to U.S. Made HCG:

  • 2 very simple options, each of these companies offer complete “kits” that contain everything you need for the HCG diet.  This includes the HCG and all mixing instructions and supplies.
  • US-Made HCG is REGULATED with high quality standards.  This means the compounding pharmacies that the prescription HCG is made in, conforms by strict quality guidelines which are enforced by state officials.   The HCG is guaranteed to have been made in sterile environments and there is no danger of contaminated in some way.  A true comfort considering this product will be ingested or injected into your body.
  • Shipping is fast and inexpensive.  Your order will arrive quickly since it’s being shipped from within the US.  In most cases, shipments arrive within a few days and is either free or around $6.

Read more about these recommended companies.