Tips for Losing Weight with HCG Diet Drops

We’ve put together a few quick notes for those considering HCG Diet Drops for weight loss.

A quick tip for using HCG Diet Drops to lose weight

While millions of people have reported impressive weight loss using HCG drops, it is important to understand the differences between injections and drops.  First, drops must be in a formula specifically designed for optimal absorption.  Many brands, particularly store bought formulas (sold at costco, walmart, etc) are simply made of amino acids, water and preservatives.  They contain absolutely NO HCG and nothing to help with what is needed to maintain the HCG menu plan for weight loss.

In addition, Drops must be taken as directed.  Each brand’s formula and strength varies, therefore the individual brand’s instructions must be followed specifically as directed.  These will require various dosages to be held under the tongue for a specified amount of time, usually just before meals.

If the diet drops are not taken in the directed amount and as directed…. studies have shown that far less HCG appears in the bloodstream after ingestion.

What happens if HCG Drops are too weak (store bought HCG Drops) or not ingested properly?

If the drops contain nothing more than amino acids and water, or are not purchased from a quality company, patients may experience the following:

  • May experience an inability to maintain the specific HCG Food Menu.
  • Experience hunger (If the HCG Diet is followed correctly, the patient will not experience hunger.)
  • Experience slow weight loss or no weight loss at all.
  • Difficulty maintaining any weight loss, or immediate weight regain.

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