Buy Hcg Injections from an Overseas Pharmacy? Read This First.

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Should you buy Hcg from an overseas pharmacy? This site has been approached repeatedly to sell Hcg from overseas pharmacies, but we have turned them down, despite the promise of big money.  Why?  Because we have done our research, and have seen far too many cases of Hcg Dieters that suffered the risks that came along with buying Hcg from overseas.

Where Overseas Pharmacy Hcg REALLY Comes from…

Let’s take a look at where the product is coming from when you buy Hcg from an overseas pharmacy.  It is important to know that overseas Hcg pharmacy websites are simply a storefront, and do NOT represent the same laboratory where the prescription Hcg is made. They typically have a Canadian address but are located in India.  The Hcg itself is sourced from various locations, depending on the lowest price bid at that time. This allows these overseas pharmacies to sell Hcg at “too good to be true” prices while still making them the largest profit at that time.  The locations where the Hcg is actually coming from?  Various unregulated laboratories in Haiti, China, Pakistan, Malaysia and India. Each laboratory, and each country, has different standards and ingredients used in their products, resulting in different products sold at different times.  Consumers have no way of knowing what they will be getting with each order.  (This information is based on extensive research from government agencies, and conversations with the heads of Hcg overseas pharmacies themselves when they were trying to convince us to go into business with them.)

The risks that come from buying Hcg from overseas…

Reason #1:  Your Personal Safety.   Hcg is a prescription medication that you are putting into your body. The quality should be taken into consideration with extreme scrutiny.  The fact is, overseas pharmacies selling Hcg are not regulated by the FDA, which means ingredients and production process for the Hcg sold, is unregulated.  This means that the Hcg bought from overseas, can easily be counterfeit, contaminated, and toxic. In fact, the FDA states that nearly ALL prescription brands made from overseas laboratories are made with different ingredients, including “compounds such as drywall and eggshells.” For example, while an unsuspecting consumer may purchase the Hcg brand, “Hucog,” from an overseas pharmacy, the truth is, they are getting a variation that depends on the specific laboratory that made that particular vial at the time, and there is simply no way to know the exact ingredients or if it was produced safely.  Since they are unregulated, they can add whatever label they would like, and sell it to an overseas pharmacy with an online storefront. These are then sold to unsuspecting American consumers.

Reason #2:  Quality.  According to the FBI, overseas pharmacy Hcg runs a high risk of being “counterfeit, mislabeled, adulterated, or contaminated.” Since overseas pharmacies and laboratories are not regulated by the high standards of the FDA, they are not required to operate under the same strict production guidelines as pharmacies in the US.  The FDA estimates that a whopping 30%-50% of all prescription drugs sold from overseas are counterfeit, and nearly ALL are made with different ingredients than US brands, in an effort to offer “too good to be true” prices.  Unfortunately, US government agencies have no way of knowing or regulating what they are selling to American customers.  To date, there have been numerous cases where individuals in the US received HCG that was counterfeit, contaminated, expired and toxic.

Reason #3:  It is ILLEGAL to import prescription Hcg or any other Rx drug and even needles, without a prescription from a US licensed medical doctor.  IF a prescription is obtained in the U.S. first, it is only legal to import 3 months worth of Hcg (3 vials) for personal use.  Any more than this can lead to Felony charges for EACH product imported. Penalty for this is imprisonment and extensive fines, and permanent felon status in the U.S. legal system.  This is on top of excessive legal fees.

Reason #4:  Fraud.  The phrase, “going cheap is expensive” holds true here more than ever. Countless overseas pharmacies have been reported for fraud including credit card fraud, bank fraud, and simply not sending products at all (in which case there are no laws to protect the consumer.)  In addition, there have been reports where individuals tested their Hcg and found no Hcg at all or, the Hcg ordered that was supposed to be one brand, and a different, cheaper brand was sent it its place.  When the consumers asked why, they were told, “it’s all the same.”  Again, this is no way for American laws to protect consumers in these instances. The only option for the consumer? To order again from a legitimate source, at their expense.

Chase bank announcement for Chase Sapphire Card holders:  “Please note that ID Theft Coverage will be canceled.” 

Timeline for Being Able to Get Your Money Back in Fraud Claims:

If you are a victim of fraud, you are responsible for the following:

  • $0 if you report the loss or fraud immediately and the card has not been used,

  • Up to $50 if you notify your bank within 48 hours of your lost or stolen card,

  • Up to $500 if you notify the bank with 48 hours and 60 days of your lost or stolen card, and

  • All of the fraudulent charges if you don’t notify the bank until after 60 days.

Chase bank reimbursement process:

  • We can settle most disputes in 30 to 60 days, but others may take longer.
  • We’ll resolve any billing or transaction error. On occasion, if no error is found after research, the disputed amount will be considered valid.

Example Cases of Chase Refusal in Fraud Reimbursement

As an added fraud risk, banks and credit card companies are becoming more strict in their fraud reimbursement policies.  While some banks and financial institutions are refusing to reimburse fraud charges completely, others are implementing “reduced reimbursement” in an effort to reduce their losses.

As the author of this article, I will also add that I personally experienced this when Chase Bank refused to reimburse $800 in fraud charges after I made an overseas purchase.  

Benefits of Buying HCG from a Legitimate US Hcg Source

There are a number of reasons to buy hcg in the US from a legitimate Hcg source that specializes in the Hcg Diet. These include:

  1. Safety.  The Hcg is made in a licensed and FDA approved compounding pharmacy in the USA with extremely high production standards for all Hcg produced and the laboratories they are produced in. In fact, the Hcg sources recommended on this page work WITH the FDA to exceed their standard requirements.
  2. High quality Hcg. The sources recommended on this site, all offer Hcg that exceeds the FDA requirement of 90% potency. Each company here, exceeds this requirement with at least 98% to 108% potency rating or the entire batch is destroyed. Your safety, and the quality of their products comes first.
  3. It is 100% legal to buy Hcg online through the sources recommended on this site.
  4. A licensed medical doctor reviews your order and medical history, then prescribes your Hcg.
  5. Convenience: The Hcg prescription is included with your purchase. Medical forms are completed online (no need to visit a doctors office.)
  6. All the correct supplies are included as a complete Hcg kit.
  7. Shipment time is fast and convenient.
  8. Complete support through your Hcg Diet journey by Hcg Diet experts, doctors, coaches and licensed nutritionists. As much or as little hand-holding as you need.
  9. No high risk for fraud.

How to Buy Hcg Online Safely & without Risk

There are several Hcg sources recommended on this site.  All of which are located in the USA, (Tampa, Florida and San Diego, CA) and operate within the laws and requirements of the FDA.  As mentioned above, each of these companies maintains rigid standards for quality and the safety of their patients.  All products are guaranteed and they are more than happy to offer potency certifications, licenses, etc when asked.  Each company offers a complete kit with Hcg and all supplies, as well as expert guiding for all points of the Hcg Diet.

As a final word… we take our recommendations very seriously and only select Hcg sources that offer all certifications and licenses up front, while also proving themselves over years as dependable and responsible companies.  We stand by each company we list on this site as legitimate sources for prescription Hcg.


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Before you Buy Hcg from Overseas Pharmacies