Why Should HCG Come in Unmixed Powder Form?

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This is a common yet simple to answer question….

HCG has a 3 to 4 week shelf life once mixed into liquid form.  If purchased to arrive in liquid form already, it is possible the mixture has already began to lose it’s potency and could need to be replaced with a fresh supply much sooner than expected.

HCG can last longer than 3 to 4 weeks, especially if the mixture has been consistently refrigerated, however if it has began to lose viability, it may not be as effective as a fresh supply.

Symptoms that your HCG has lost its strength…

  • You begin to experience hunger while following the diet menu
  • Weight loss stalls or completely plateaus for several days
  • Headaches or feelings of faint headedness
  • Difficulty maintaining weight loss immediately after completing a cycle

Companies that offer HCG in powder form.